Company Profile

Shaanxi Non-ferrous Tian Hong REC Silicon Materials Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a High-tech Joint Venture focus on manufacture, sales, service and R&D of super-purity silicon material. The company was jointly invested by Shaanxi Non-Ferrous Tian Hong New Energy Co., Ltd, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Non-Ferrous Metals Holding Group Co., Ltd, and REC Silicon INC, the world leading polysilicon company. The company was founded formally on July 2014 with registered capital 498 million US dollars. Shaanxi Non-Ferrous Tian Hong New Energy Co., Ltd holds the 84.94% of the shares, and REC Silicon INC holds 15.06% ofthem.

The company is obedient on the principle of production and management that green and low-carbon, cooperation and mutual benefits, return to the society. The technology – Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) for producing the granular polysilicon does not only reduce significantly the manufacture cost of the polysilicon, and supply the downstream enterprises with high-quality and low-price raw materials, but also achieve the Continuous Monocrystalline Silicon Pulling and increase efficiently the output of Polysilicon per Ingoting furnace, and improve the productivity and enhance the competitive advantage in market and realize mutual benefits. Electronic grade polysilicon and electronic silane gas produced in our company using the global leading technology will reach the high standard in international market, and fill the gap in domestic silicon market, meanwhile this project plays an important role in improving the supporting capability of Shaanxi Province silicon materials industry for Samsung projects and facilitates Shaanxi Province to be the semi-conductor manufacture base with the most complete industrial chain and the most advanced technology.

Annual value of mass production will reach4 billion RMB
The company is located in Yu Jia Economic and Technological Development Zone. In order to put into practice the Scientific Outlook on Development of Central Government and follow the guiding principle from Shaanxi Province government that speeding up the establishment of energy- chemical industry base in North Shaanxi, the company takes fully the advantage of the local superior resources to build the silicon production line with the annual capacity of high-purity silane gas 500 tons, electronic grade polysilicon 1,000 tons, granular polysilicon 18,000 tons, and by relying on the “coal-power-silicon” industrial chain, introducing REC Silicon INC global leading technology of producing electronic grade polysilicon, electronic grade silane gas and granular polysilicon. The annual value of production will reach 4 billion RMB after being in fully operational.
In the face of fierce market competition environment and new normal economic development, relying on the new platform, sino-foreign joint venture to build scientific management mode, achieve a high starting point, high standard, high quality and high benefit, highlight the innovation drive and optimize the production and business operation, achieve sustainable and healthy development of enterprise, establish and improve and consolidate company silicon materials industry's leading position in China, to build internationally competitive large silicon material co., LTD.